About Us

At CTS, we take pride in providing a 24/7 transportation service that is available year-round. We are dedicated to delivering reliable, compassionate care to you, your team, and the families you serve. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in a set of core values: Compassion, Trust, Partnership, Quality, Reliability, Accessibility, Integrity, Caring, Professionalism, and Safety.

What We Do

Our services encompass decedent removals from various locations, including residential, rehab, and nursing facilities, hospitals/LTACs, ME Offices, and crematories. We also specialize in organ and tissue transportation, autopsy transfers, and the transportation of general medical supplies and equipment.

Our Approach

We understand the importance of prioritizing swift, efficient, and safe services in our line of work. To achieve this, we always maintain the highest levels of professionalism and open communication. Our highly experienced team is proud to serve as an extension of your organization. We combine empathy, safety, and discretion in all situations, establishing ourselves as your trusted partner.

At CTS, we go beyond just providing transportation services; we become an integral part of your mission. Whether it’s ensuring the dignified handling of decedents or the safe transport of critical medical supplies, you can count on us to be there when you need us most.